Academic Excellence Through Good Study Habits

The ultimate goal of any genuine student is to greatly excel in his studies. This should not only be determined by the grades he is able to score during examinations. The student should equally demonstrate his mastery of a given subject with an ability to discuss and disseminate its contents any time he is called upon to do so. In other words, he must be so at home with the subject that he would be able to explain it clearly to another person. That is why the student needs to acquire effective study habits necessary for beneficial assimilation and astounding success.

As a child begins to grow, parents and teachers should recognize their obligation to instill the culture of regular, quality and diversified reading in him. The goal should be to motivate him to acquire knowledge and not just certificates, even though the certificates are equally very important and must also be obtained. The following are good study habits which if meticulously followed would help the student achieve excellent success in his academic pursuits both at the secondary and tertiary institutions. They have worked for students over the years and can still work for many more.

IMPORTANT NOTE: READ  2 Timothy 2:1-26

(it is important to study the scriptures in the bible daily)



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