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Breaking News!!! – Lagos Workers Meeting to hold in Three Zones tomorrow…

Tomorrow’s (7th December 2019) Workers Meeting now rescheduled to hold in the following  WCCRM Lagos Zones Aguda: Lagos Island, Lekki, Gbaja, Aguda, etc Obanikoro: Ketu, Bariga and Ikorodu Districts, etc Okoko: For those coming from that area/axis, etc Please inform others. This information is for Lagos diocese only.   Pastor Protase Opara WCCRM Lagos Diocese

Effect and Reward Of Prayer

When prayers are made according to God’s  will, in righteousness and faith, they yield result of desirable change (Matt. 6:6; 1Tim. 2:8; Jas. 5:16).   Firstly, prayer changes the petitioner (cp. Lk. 22:39-44). Secondly, prayer changes situations (cons. Ex. 17:10-13; Ps. 18:3-6; Heb. 5:7).   We need much grace to overcome at such perilous times.  And to receive such grace we Read more about Effect and Reward Of Prayer[…]

Forms Of Prayer

Prayer means talking to and hearing from, or interaction with God.  It includes worship, praises and thanksgiving, which can be expressed in songs and in plain speech (cons. Ex. 15:11; 1Chr. 16:23-36; Ps. 93:1-4; 100:1-5; Rev. 4:8-11).  It also includes petition and supplication (Ps. 18:3-6; 34:6; 40:1,2).   There is the prayer of intercession which is a high form of prayer Read more about Forms Of Prayer[…]

Secret and Sincere Prayer

In  Matt. 6:5-8, Jesus teaches that it is secret/sincere prayers that reach God’s ear and that it is such that He responds to.  He warns against praying like the hypocrites who do so to win the admiration of men; who make a show of prayer, heaping volumes of vain repetitions, thinking that by so doing Read more about Secret and Sincere Prayer[…]

The Place Of Prayer In The Life Of A Pilgrim

Our God is a God that answers prayers that are made according to His will, as long as such prayers also fulfill other conditions for answer to prayers (cp. Ps. 65:2; 1Jn. 5:14). Let’s recall that prayer is the divinely ordained channel for granting, releasing or bringing to pass God’s will/purpose (Gen. 20:6,7,17,18; Job 42:7-8; Ezk. 36:33-37).   As Read more about The Place Of Prayer In The Life Of A Pilgrim[…]

The God Of Glory And Power: The Ocean Divider

The age long dream of the Israelites could neither be hindered by the Red Sea nor the River Jordan at their peak periods when the time was ripe for the realization. The Ocean Divider would neither allow the great sea nor the river Jordan to constitute an obstacle to redeeming His age long promise to Read more about The God Of Glory And Power: The Ocean Divider[…]

SEEING The Invisible And The Invincible

Usually people chicken out when they are confronted with problems or situations they or those that can help them have no solutions to. They become intimidated, confused, helpless and hopeless at such times. They are brought down on their knees, begging their adversaries, thereby strengthening their oppressors. This usually worsens their situations. But if they Read more about SEEING The Invisible And The Invincible[…]

Great Light For Those Who Sat In Darkness And In The Region And Shadow Of Death

It is a time of (God) showing that He has neither ceded the church nor the world to Satan. It is a special time meant to beam a great light to those who are sitting in darkness and in the region and shadow of death. Matt.4:12-16; John 1:1-9   All those who sit in darkness and Read more about Great Light For Those Who Sat In Darkness And In The Region And Shadow Of Death[…]

Arise And Eat

It is the LORD’s desire that we realize all our dreams. He is aware of the enemy’s onslaught and threats that have set fear in the hearts of many believers through the unfavourable economic policies. Though they can boast of dreams that the LORD has empowered them to realize, the wicked one is yet threatening them with sights Read more about Arise And Eat[…]

Evil trait of covetousness

At the business arena, the covetous boss could be cruel and grasping or miserly and stinting hence placing his hard-working staff on peanut salaries while the company makes huge profit. On the other hand, the covetous employee or apprentice could short change his boss, craftily dodge work for which salary is being paid while pursuing some Read more about Evil trait of covetousness[…]