Genuine children of God on earth are in a continual conflict with the Devil (Eph. 6:12-16). And informed believers know that the battle is a very favourable one to those that love the Lord.

Let’s consider the following: (1) The Devil’s Desire (2) The LORD’S Verdict (3) Our Lessons.


  1. The Devil’s Desire (Job 1:9-112:3-5)


The Devil’s desire is to make believers lose faith and trust in God. Infact, his plan is to deal with them until they get frustrated and denounce God. He uses various strategies to do this, ranging from lack, failures, disappointments, accidents, losses and all manners of trouble.


  1. The LORD’S Verdict (Jn. 10:1027-3016:33)


In the matter of the battle with the Devil and all his evil plots against the believers, the LORD’S verdict is as follow, “none can pluck out of my hand” and “be of good cheer, I have overcome for you”. The enemy comes to steal and to kill but I came to give life. In other words, the LORD is simply saying the Devil your enemy has lost the battle.


  1. Our Lessons (Ps. 23:4)


The LORD wants us to get it clear in our hearts, that the Devil has lost the battle.  With this understanding, He says “FEAR NOT”. When this becomes settled in our hearts, our confessions will thenceforth be “even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil”.  Therefore, no matter the situation, the LORD expects all watchmen to shout and say “I Fear No Evil because my enemy the Devil has lost the battle, as he lost it in the case of Job”.


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