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BIBLE READING:  Deut. 32:11; Job 39:27-30 Popularly known as one of the largest bird and certainly, the most majestic of all birds is the eagle.  The bird wins the admiration of all due to its swiftness, sharpness, gallantry, efforitry, majesty and unique design.  The eagle is specially classed.  A mention of the name eagle creates Read more about LESSONS FROM THE EAGLE BIRD[…]

Ways Of Being Enticed

One of the surest ways not to be enticed by sinners is to not be in their company (Pro.13:20;7:21; Ps1:1; Eph.5:11; Deut.13:8a. 1 Cor.5:9-11). The Bible instructed that we should not be unequally yoked with sinners. Yoking or meddling with sinners has its grave consequences (Gen. 34: 1, 2). If one enjoys the company of Read more about Ways Of Being Enticed[…]

What Entice You?

BIBLE READING: Pro. 1:8-11, Gen. 39:7-9. Just like the book of Psalm, proverbs starts with a fatherly instruction/counsel (pro 1:8). It is a son well loved by his father that the father gives instruction. (Pro. 3: 1 – 10).   Enticement; Explained Enticement is from the word entice. To ENTICE means to SEDUCE. To attract Read more about What Entice You?[…]

The Effects of Observing The Wind

You will never sow because there may never be a convenient time (Eccl. 11:4; cons. Job 14:1). If you do not sow, you have noting to reap (Gal. 6:7; Pro. 14:23).  The result is spiritual, academic and material poverty (const. 2Pt. 1:5-9; Pro. 12:24; 24:30-34).   Such Christian will remain beneath only.   You can never Read more about The Effects of Observing The Wind[…]

Remember, the word “Catholic” in our name is used in its original sense, i.e., “universal” or “for all”

Find a location Near you visit: wccrmmissions.org/locate Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement     A place where God has placed His name, His Spirit and power A place of encountering the Lord A place of revelation knowledge A place of worship of God in spirit and in truth A place where stones are turned into Read more about Remember, the word “Catholic” in our name is used in its original sense, i.e., “universal” or “for all”[…]

The Wonderful Words of Life

Bible Reading: Ps.1:1-3; Josh.1:8; Prov.3:1-6, Pro.4:1-10,18   Interactions every day involve words spoken, heard, read, etc. Some of these words lift either one up, or bring one down, destroy destinies, or build destinies, give life, or destroy life, etc depending on its source and intention (cons. Jn.4:21-29; 1Kgs.19:1-4). Jesus describes His own words as spirit and Read more about The Wonderful Words of Life[…]


BIBLE READING: Ps. 96:1-13 Truly, the race is not for the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise … (Eccl. 9:11).   Not all that were strong, swift or wise experienced it or came into this year.  It is not all the men of understanding or of skill of Read more about SING UNTO THE LORD A NEW SONG[…]


BIBLE READING: Jn.14:1, Ps.33:10-11 The bane of many including believers in Christ is this tendency of forgetting easily the Lord’s great doings/deliverances in his life. The devil is taking advantage of man’s ignorance/forgetfulness to undo and deprive him the privileges of enjoying God’s abundant providence. Always ponder anew what the Almighty God can do, make Read more about DAY 21 – LET NOT YOUR HEART BE TROUBLED[…]


BIBLE READING: Daniel 4:20-26 Ponder anew what the Almighty can do and then picture those men and women in our land that have made themselves lords, gods, untouchables/unconquerable etc. The heavens still rule today, therefore the people of God must not lose any sleep when they have the immirimious God as their King of kings Read more about DAY 20 – THE HEAVENS DO RULE[…]