As already shown, the mind is the controller of the whole human system (Prov.4:23). Discipline means that the mind has been tamed against the excesses it usually wants to lead one into.


Those who have not come over to the other side of disciplined disciples are suffering a lot, causing the Lord offences and also causing offences to others.

Consider the following;

(a)       The various forms of habits that can have dominion over people, even believers, e.g. over-eating, over-sleeping, talkativeness, poking nose into other people’s matters, love of leisure, inability to sit, concentrate and read and write or work, etc.


(b)       The Danger of indiscipline…

They are like cankerworms, they are the little foxes that spoil the vine (Prov.2:15). They hinder spirituality, productivity, etc.


(c)       How To Come Over To The Other Side of discipline

*          Going over by violence, through prayer and fasting

*          Going over by faith, i.e., believing God, knowing that the leopard cannot change his spots (Jer.

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