And They Were Called Christians

Acts 11:22-26
Citizens of a nation are called by the names of their nation. Nigerians are citizens of Nigeria, Americans of America, British of Britain, Togolese of Togo, etc. The people of a particular country can be identified with certain characteristics prevalent in them such as colour, culture, language, occupation, etc,. Also, within families (immediate and extended), members can be referred to by the names of their families such as the Philips, Owolabis, Okories, Musas, etc,. You find resemblance amongst those members – physical, characters/habits, career/occupation, etc,. Christians, therefore, are named after Christ and must definitely have marks or characteristics found in Him that are prevalent in His members (the Christians). What are those likely marks that were seen in the disciples which must necessarily be in today’s disciples that set them apart and got them that tag ‘Christians’.
The Indispensable Early Marks That Needs Be.
For anyone to possess and manifest any of the qualities and virtues in the Lord Jesus Christ, he must first have the Spirit of Christ in him (Rom. 8:9). This happens at salvation when a sinner on realizing the purpose of the death and resurrection of Christ for him, totally submits to it, confessing all sin from a broken heart and consciously accepts Jesus into his life (Tit. 2:14; 1Tim. 2:5-6; Gal. 1:3-4; Eph. 1:13; 2Cor. 5:5). This is the first step, after which the saved youth surrenders his whole spirit to the next operation of letting the Holy Ghost deal and destroy whatever nature of sin that remained which could revive interest again in things he has given up. Jesus hated iniquity, had dominion and victory over it and loved righteousness (Heb. 1:9; Matt. 4:1-11). For the child of God, bearing the name of the Saviour to tread this path as commanded (Rom. 6:11-14), he must also be able to withstand and quench all the fiery darts (including those that are technologically induced) and overcome compromising influences from ‘friends’, ‘peers’, ‘so-called Christians’ and from the pits of hell. This has to be by the power of the Holy Ghost that comes into the saved and sanctified child of God (Heb. 1:9; cons. Jn. 3:34; Act. 4:16-21, 31; 3:37-39; Eph. 5:18). The beauty of Jesus will radiate more and more as this child of God learns more about the Lord Jesus through these experiences and greater commitment/consecration to His service, prayer and the word (Rom. 8:4-6; Gal. 2:20; 5:16-18; Phil. 1:21). The Spirit of God in him naturally manifests His fruits in that individual (Gal. 5:22-25). These are sweet experiences for him. The same were in Jesus and made it easy for Him to obey the Father, living to please him, loving him, showing kindness, mercy and compassion, praying through the night, eating the word, sacrificing his life, etc,. This is the mind all must possess (Phil. 2:5) and the effects are those examples representing the steps and path left for the believer to walk in and tread (1Pet. 1:21). At this point, any youth having these testimonies can begin to say “he that hath seen me hath seen …..” (cons. Jn. 14:8-9). He has become a Christian.
This is true, but for us who have been brought in a period like this before the Lord, there are certain truths and awareness that the Lord would want every Christian youth who is praying to walk in the steps of Jesus must know, be overwhelmed with and be partaker of (Eph. 1:17-19). What art they?
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