BIBLE READING: Joshua 1:13-16; 6:6-10; Psalm 9:19-20

The Psalmist concludes with prayer that God would humble the proud, break the power and blast the project of the wicked enemies of His Church (Ps.11:3;125:3). In his prayer he asked the Lord to stir up Himself, exert His power, take His seat and then deal with all these proud and daring enemies of God, His cause and people. “Arise O’ Lord! Let no man prevail”.


The Psalmist’s business is to invite the Lord into the battle, but the strategies and instrument for the war is determined by God Himself (Ps.9:20). He asked that the heathen be judged before God; let them be plainly called to an account for all the dishonour done to Him and His people. He prayed that God will put them in fear by striking a terror upon them, making them afraid with His judgments. God knows how to make the strongest and stouts of men to tremble and flee when none pursues, and thereby He makes them to know and own that they are but men.

It is no longer a time of complaining but a time of inviting God into the battle because on our own we can do nothing (Ps.68:1, 9:19-20).

It is a very desirable thing, much more for the glory of God and the peace and welfare of the universe, that men should know and consider themselves to be but men, depending creatures, mutable, mortal and accountable.

God must receive glory for His justice in pleading His people’s cause against His enemies and that of His people, while we wait for our year of redemption.

Prayer Points

  1. Let us uproot every evil programmes /plans of the devil against the actualization of these prophecies in the life of the man of God.
  2. The covenant God should remember and fulfill all His promises concerning the Diocesan Pastor and the family. 10:20, Josh.21:43-4
  3. Pray that The Lord should unite the heart of the Pastors with their congregations so that they will work in unity and oneness of purpose also that God should fulfill this scripture in our midst and visit our youths by decorating them with salvation and fear of God.




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