Christian Youth, Rouse Yourself for the Hour’s Need

God has never and can never be taken unawares, hence He equips His children in every generation to carry out His bidding especially against His enemies.

In our time, the evils of our generation especially of our nation is spilling over and the hour of judgement is come. Who shall order it? (1Kgs.20:13-14). The lion Christian youth.

All that the Lord expects this day is that you maintain your integrity as a lamb seeing God cannot compromise His righteousness neither does He respect anyone. Next is look around you, consider the evil and unrighteousness meted upon homes, brethren, the poor and needy, orphans and widows, men and women etc. and realise who you are and the charge of God to you and rouse yourself to action (Gen.49:9; Prov.20:2; Amos3:4; Eph.6:12; 2Cor.10:4-6). Christian youth, ensure your obedience to His Word is complete. It is time for the battle of the warrior and the Lord God is set to take vengeance on the enemies of His people. Right now, run along with the Master with the roaring of the lion and your sword raised up shouting the Scripture verses Lk.4:18,19, thereafter watch out for news everywhere concerning your spoil.

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