Statistics has it that there are several millions of nominal Christians all over the world. These millions of people are God conscious and want to worship Him, or are purporting to be worshiping Him. But the Holy Scriptures and our own experiences made it clear that what is carried on is formal or vain worship of the lips (Matt.15:8-9).

The fact of vain worship is proven by the fact of lack of the fear of God, and of sinful living among all and sundry.

True Christians have been raised particularly for the purpose of making the Lord real to these millions of formal worshipers. (Gal.2:7-8). 

If this objective must be achieved, God and ALL THINGS revealed in the Holy Scriptures MUST BE VERY REAL TO US, for none can give what he does not have (2Tim.2:6).

In other words, we MUST BE PEOPLE OF GREAT CONVICTION; whose conviction must compare favourably with that of the Lord Himself.

Of late the Lord termed such a people an army of spiritually beautiful and tall people (soldiers) as we would have heard.


Faith can be likened to the engine that propels an aircraft to a determined destination. Calvary was fixed and Christ=s faith propelled him to it (cons. Matt.16:21-23). Christ’s faith was wholesome (did not waver). In other words, when He spoke, his mind neither wobbled nor retained any negativism (eg. Mk.11:12-14, 20-22). His mouth never uttered any negativism also.

”My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me”, cannot be considered negative statement because He was actually forsaken because He was carrying the sin of mankind. His case was so because He had a perfect relationship with the Father which yielded assurance with A. (. Jn.8:29 and Isa.32:17, Jn.11:40-42). He had a sound mind, one not polluted with sin or negativism.


We will have Christ’s kind of faith if we cast off the sins that pollute the mind and drop all negative statements ordinarily or at prayer. Let us therefore ensure that all pollution of sin and negativism are cleansed (Heb.10:22).


Christlike faith sees God as Father and heaven=s resources as inexhaustible and fixed assets which one has been permitted to tap (cons. Heb.4:16; 10:19-20,22).

God is jealous of His power, goodness, mercy, holiness, etc. because they are matchless (Isa.40:18; 46:5). Therefore he will react in defense of them when one recourse to them in faith (cons. Ex.32:9-14).

Let us pray the following Scriptures for Christlike faith (1Cor.12:9, Lk.17:5, Gal.5:6, Heb.11:1, Jms.2:17, 1Jn.5:4).


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