To determine the magnitude of Christ=s humility, let us contrast Who he was in heaven (Isa.9:6, Mic.5:2, Jn.1:1,17, Col.1:16, Phil.2:6) with what He was on earth (Isa.42:1-3, Matt.11:29, Lk.22:27, Jn.13:14, Phil.2:7-8).

It would have been impossible for Him to serve the people if He did not put away his original status.

We have been called to serve. Again if we must work together with understanding and in harmony, we must put away our status and put on Christ’s humility.

Consider and pray the following Scriptures (Lk.14:7-11, Phil.2:5-8, Mic.6:8, Lk.22:26, Rom.12:3, James.4:10, 1st Pt.5:5).   

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