Covetousness is simply ‘a desire to have more’ (in a negative sense). It often implies ‘bold and aggressive methods of acquisition’, and includes ‘that behaviour that is as free in scattering and squandering as it was eager and unscrupulous in acquiring’. It refers to ‘having more, with the desire to have more’.


This ungodly trait takes its root in the heart and when the conditions are rife, springs forth to ruin its victim (cons. Mk.7:21,22). It is an evil disposition that blinds the eye; placing God behind the temporal things of life which are made preeminent in the eyes of the victim (cons. Eph.5:5Col.3:5).


It is really an evil seed that bears diverse kinds of wicked fruits (cons. 1Tim.6:10). Amongst these fruits are: Oppression (Gen.31:41), Theft (Jos.7:21), Disobedience (1Sam.15:9), Robbery (1Kgs. 25:26), Meanness (1Kgs.21:2), Unscrupulousness (2Kgs.5:20), Scoffing (Lk.16:10-14), Injustice (Acts 24:26), Madness (2Pet.2:14,15).


Considering the very time we are living in, no reasonable child of God can afford to retain this damnable attitude or character in his life (cons. Mk. 13:35-37).

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