Experiences of the crafty

In this era of multiplicity of Churches, the crafty could speak caringly with the mind of discrediting the leadership and drawing proselytes to himself (cp. 2Sam. 15:1-6). The crafty could show concern to a desperate or needy with the mind of reaping off the unsuspecting (cons. Matt.23:14). He could put words into sincere/innocent people’s mouth to black mail them (cons. Matt.22:15-18, Prov.26:24).


They could cover their sins by blowing aloud other people’s wrong, thereby diverting attention from themselves (cp. Prov.20:6). They may paradoxically use lies to cover themselves while making restitution of sins committed (cons. Prov.21:27; 28:13).


Now, experiences of the crafty – characters that we enumerated have some lesson to dispense to the wise (Prov.1:5). Judgement was pronounced against Satan and the serpent which served as the vehicle of deception at the garden of Eden (Gen.3:1,14-15). The recompense of deceit experienced by Jacob in life stands as a strong warning to deceivers/crafty people (cons. Gen.29:20-25, 31:4-7, 32:6-9, 37:31-34; Prov.20:25,17; Gal.6:7).


Is there no lesson from the shame suffered by the crafty emissaries of the chief priests and from the fate of crafty Judas? (Cons. Lk.20:19-26; Matt.27:3-5). The crafty suffers in the now and in eternity (Isa. 48:22, Rev.21:7). Who then can afford to retain this diabolical trait?

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