BIBLE READING: Jn.14:1, Ps.33:10-11

The bane of many including believers in Christ is this tendency of forgetting easily the Lord’s great doings/deliverances in his life.

The devil is taking advantage of man’s ignorance/forgetfulness to undo and deprive him the privileges of enjoying God’s abundant providence.

Always ponder anew what the Almighty God can do, make it as a daily routine and by so doing, every fear of unknown and non-sense in our hearts will fly away from our lives.

No matter what we are seeing, hearing or experiencing at this time, let’s form the habit and develop the life style of pondering anew what God can do and has done in time past (Ps.44:1-4; Amos 5:8-9).

The Lord Jesus Christ our Master and Saviour is telling us to be of good cheer and not allow our hearts to be troubled because He is in charge (Rev.1:17-18).

Let us all begin to ponder anew on daily basis, let’s burst into worshipping and praising God because somebody is the Owner of this world, the Person is the Almighty God and our Father (Mal.3:6).

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