Though the onus of believers’ preservation and protection is on God, however the believer has a role to play in his security and preservation. Man was created as a free moral agent; so he has the right to make his decisions and choices. The person’s choice determines the route he will pass through, and his ultimate destination.


The Lord always makes information (truth) available to His people so that they may use it to their own advantage, but those who neglect such truths suffer the consequences (Hos.4:6). Others who are deceived by Satan and his cohorts (false ministers and demonic activities/operations) suffer likewise.


At such a time like this, God’s word  (Zech.8:16—17) informs us that we:

  • Should speak truth to one another.
  • Avoiding evil speaking and backbiting.
  • Following after righteousness and things that make for peace.
  • Avoiding offence making and offence taking.
  • Wisely stay away from open or clear danger while trusting God for protection.
  • Must avoid being careless, foolish things, and be security conscious everywhere.
  • Be careful with those we associate with and what we engage in.
  • Praying without ceasing in order to know the mind of God for our lives/programmes.


HSCF 3, 4 – Praise and worship God, for He is worthy.

Bible Reading: Acts 9:6; Deut.28:1-2

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