As the Watchman is getting to the golden age, the Lord has given her the mandate to pass decrees on things (whether humans or spirit, situations/circumstances) that want to oppose God’s programme and His servants in this world (Job 22:28). At this time of the new Watchman, God’s suffering people that had long groaned under the heavy yoke of Nebuchadnezzar’s tyranny, should cry to Him for vengeance because their demand will be granted (Exod.22:27, 1Kgs.17:1).

This judgment must be executed to convince the unthinking, unbelieving, world, that verily there is a God that judges in the earth, a God that governs the world, that not only has a kingdom of His own in it and administers the affairs of that kingdom but rules also in the kingdom of men, in the dominion that one man has over another, and gives that to whomsoever He wills, from Him promotion comes (Ps.75:6-7).

  1. As God’s prosecutors, let’s arise to pass a decree on matters that we don’t want to continue both in our lives and the nation. Let’s pray
  2. HSCF 4, 12 – Let’s talk about the greatness of this our God by praising and worshipping Him before the gods/situations of this world.
  3. Job 22:28, Matt.18:18-19 – Begin to decree that God’s promises and blessings will be upon our GS, the Diocesan Pastors with all the brethren.
  4. Decree what you want upon your life, your family, the Church of the living God and the nations of the world with those in authority using Nigeria as a point of contact.
  5. Pray for someone around you using Num.6:22-27.
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