‘Judgmental spirit’ is the attitude characterized by a tendency to judge harshly or condemn. It does not make room for consideration of human frailties, or possibility of human error.


As seen in critical mindedness where the individual is apt to find fault, those with this trait are averse to giving people benefit of doubt in the event of wrongdoing.


The picture painted by people plagued with this disposition are: – As masters, the affected are usually over bearing to their servants and apprentices (Eph. 6:9Col. 4:1)


The servants with this condition often turn rebellious and mischievous, labelling their masters ‘wicked and hypocritical’ (Eph. 6:5-8Col. 3:22-25)


As parents (spiritual or biological), the affected are always rigid and very hard on their children, provoking and making them miserable, not considering the variation in pattern of juvenile challenges being faced by their children’s generation (cons. Eph. 6:4Col. 3:21).


Teachers with judgmental spirit often parry the challenge of nurturing the students in the spirit of meekness, which is a test of professional competence, but rather resort to cruddy of violence, cursing, name-calling, and use of obnoxious language (cons. Matt.11:29Col.4:6Jas.1:20)


Children with judgmental spirit are prone to murmuring, insubordination and truancy (cons. Pro. 14:14Ezek. 18:2-4Eph. 6:1-3Col 3:20)


Spouses with this disposition always leave their partners in melancholy or perpetual state of wrath and bitterness, as they focus on, ceaselessly criticize and condemn the infirmities, mistakes or faults of their partners (cons. Eph. 5:21-25Col. 3:18-191Pet. 3:4-7)


The Lord strongly detests this obstructive disposition as can be deduced from His words and actions (Matt.7:3-5Jn.7:248:1-7) and would that His disciples do same (cons. Matt. 28:19-20; cp. Rom.14:13).


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