Despite All Odds

LIFE without challenges is boring and can be stagnant and un-progressive. The ladder of challenges is the ladder to greatness, especially, when climbed by a focused fighter and achiever.  Many youths who appear to have been born with silver spoons in their mouths are hardly able to handle challenges of life and several of them fall by the wayside when the resources at their disposal run out (Luke 15:11-16).  So, it may not always be how wealthy, strong, beautiful, handsome or intelligent somebody is, or the opportunities available to him, that determine how far he can go (Ecclesiastes 9:11). Most of the time, it takes much more than that. When all these fail, there is One that can NEVER fail. So, in addition to your great talents, amazing  endowments and hard work, never stop abiding in and relying on God. He will break the strongest rock before you to grant you a passageway to your target.


IMPORTANT NOTE: ENSURE TO READ Luke 15:11-16, Ecclesiastes 9:11.

(it is important to study the scriptures in the bible daily)

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