The error of disorderliness in the church is a very serious one. (1Cor. 11:17-34)

This particular disorderliness was one exhibited when they came together for the Lord’s Supper or love feast. Those who were well-to-do came with a lot of what to eat and to drink.  Not only that, they will not bother about the others, but went on feasting to the sadness or sorrow of those who did not have.  They joined this with the ritual breaking of bread and it became a confused and shameful affair (cp. vs 17-22).


Because of this the apostle re-stated the tradition or ritual of the Lord’s Supper and spelt out the consequences of partaking of the ordinances in such disorderly and sinful manners, or with sin in the heart (vss 23-33).


In the church today, there can be disorderliness at times of listening to the word of God. While the one is saying ‘yea’ the others is shouting “ride-on-preacher”. Or, it could be at time of ministration.  Every person has a prophecy.  Every person has a vision.  Every person has the word of knowledge.  No person is listening to the minister (cp. 1Cor. 14:26).  Besides, it could be at times of physical arrangement.  Every person is an engineer, or an instructor.  No person is listening to take instruction.  It could also be at the time of ministering to the possessed of demons.  No person is taking instruction from the other.  Conflicting orders are issued to the demons and so on.


To all such people who cause disorderliness in the church because of presumptuousness, the Lord says, “be not many masters, for in many things, we offend all” (Jas. 3:1-2). So then, let everything be done decently and in order in the house of God (1Cor. 14:40).

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