We will address this point as it directly applies to ministers and flocks are as follows:-

(1COR. 4:14,16,17-21)

  1. The genuine ministers and all the congregation of geniune Christendom worldwide.
  2. All other ministers set over others, such as, the general women co-ordinator, assistant women co-ordinator, parochial women co-ordinator, students co-ordinators, children ministers and all follow-up workers.


Their responsibilities toward their flocks include the following:-

  1. Not slandering or shaming them, but giving them fatherly warning (1Cor. 4:14; 2Chron. 19:10; Ezek. 3:18,19,21; 33:8,9,3,7; Acts. 20:31; 1Thes. 5:14; Col. 1:28).
  2. Laying good example and urging them to follow (1Cor. 4:16; 11:1; Phil. 3:7).
  3. Ensuring that the flocks are under faithful ministers in the event of the need for some other ministers (1Cor. 4:17; Phil. 2:19-25).
  4. Ensuring that they go to put things right where things have gone wrong and exercising authority where necessary.


NB:     The above are but a few responsibilities contained in our text among numerous others shown in the Bible.


Unfortunately, there are those who are only interested kin nothing, but in exercising of authority.

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