For any believer to excel, and fulfill his calling in this wicked generation and its diabolic environment, such must develop the habit of constantly praising, worshipping and thanking God for His benefits

(Ps. 103:1-5; 104:1-3; 105:1-2).


Though there is not defined distinction between praise, worship and thanksgiving as they overlap each other;

Praise has to do with the expression of approval  or admiration of God; commending and extolling Him. 

Worship is simply profound affection and admiration of God; adoration (which is to love and revere intensely)

Thanksgiving simply means giving thanks to God.  It is an act that expresses gratitude in word or deed for what has been done for one (cons. Lk. 17:17; Phil. 4:6). 


It must not be forgotten that God is an Influenceable Being and does enjoy the praises, worship and thanksgiving of His people (cons. Ps. 22:3).


Those covenant people that learn that art of praise, worship and thanksgiving enter the very good books of the Lord; little Wonder the introduction of the sweet psalmist, David as the man after God’s heart (Act. 13:22; Rev. 4:11). 

Inspired songs from Christian hymn books or sanctified, spirit filled believers do assist in this process. 

One can praise/worship in tongues as well as in understanding (1Cor. 14:15). 


King Solomon sacrificed (in thanksgiving) and the orchestra worshiped in one accord; and the glory of heaven was let loose (2Chr. 5:6-14). 

The Lord Jesus, Himself, before engaging in the excruciating Calvary experience sang the hymn, definitely to receive strength for the task (Matt. 26:30). 

Paul and Silas, during their painful incarceration, sang unto the Lord and the power of the heavens was released to locate them (Act. 16:25-26). 

The scriptures reveal the praise, worship and thanksgiving of the triumphant church in the following verses; Rev. 4:8-11; 5:8-10; 7:9-12 etc.) And the church on earth cannot do otherwise (Matt. 6:10).


Therefore true Christians much cultivate the habit of praising, worshiping and giving thanks to God, irrespective of whatever circumstance is surrounding them.


As we do what is expected of us, God will do what He is used to doing. 


Let us therefore rise up to praise and worship, and give thanks to the Almighty God.

HSCF: 7 & 12

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