Forsaking All

(Matt. 19:21, 27; Lk. 9:23; 14:26,33)


This all‑important condition for followership of Jesus, which the rich young ruler found very difficult to abide by, was what Peter and others fulfilled in order to follow Him (cp. Matt. 19:21, 22, 27).


To forsake all involves denying self and laying every aspect of self‑seeking on the altar of consecration (Lk. 9:23). It is obvious that what leads into every kind of sin/evil, and keep people from following Christ is self/self‑seeking: self‑love, self‑pity, self‑promotion, self‑protection, self‑pride, etc.


When a believer has been able to conquer self, he will be able to readily overcome whatever else that wants to come between him and the love of Christ (cp. Lk. 14:26,33; Rom. 8:35‑39).


In other words, it is the overcomer of self that is the real conqueror of whatever situations or circumstances organised by men or spirits or both, to hinder him from following the Master. It is such a person who will not find it difficult to give up, whatever idol: worldly conformity/worldly fashion, love of money, material aggrandisement, position, popularity, pride of life, etc, that wants to come between him and following Jesus.


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