1. E-mail account is a pre-requisite to register online

2. You can make payment online or at the cluster. Just click “Make payment at cluster area” at the registration platform to bypass the online payment and pay at the clusters

3. Ensure to check the cluster nearest to your diocese by clicking on: “choose a city or Diocese”

4. Make sure you join a cluster by clicking on “Join Cluster”

5. Details of address and contact number of any cluster comes up when you select the cluster

6. You can see full list of all the clusters in our Home Page

7. Expected participants: Professionals, lecturers, Graduates, Undergraduates, JAMB/WAEC attempted, Youths in Senior Secondary Classes or 17 years old, Adult friends of Campus Fellowship, and Pastors.


Expected Actions:
Get registered, Be ready. Pray fervently for fruitful execution of the conference and spread this information to all for clarification.


The event will also be aired live on all VOWTV online channels.


Visit: for more info.

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