To enhance understanding of how SALVATION can be gotten, the following FOUNDATION KNOWLEDGE are necessary:-

  • That through Adam’s sin, all his descendants (the entire mankind) were made sinners (i.e. received a sinful nature not necessarily being guilty of Adam’s particular sin) Gen. 5:3; Psa. 51:3; Rom. 5:12, 17(a); 1Cor. 15:22)
  • That no one can by any means redeem (save) his brother or himself (Psa. 49:7).  Rather through the obedience and righteousness of Jesus Christ (the second Adam), all who come into union with Him are saved and made righteous (Rom. 5:1, 17b; 1Cor. 15:22).  This is because Jesus Christ’s sufferings, death and resurrection were pre-planned by God for the justification/redemption of sinners who will come into union with Him through their faith in the said sufferings, death and resurrection (cons. Isa. 53:1-2, 3-12 and Acts 4:27-28).  This is the reason the Scripture says “by grace are ye saved through faith (in Christ’s justifying suffering, death and resurrection)….” (Eph. 2:5, 8-9; Rom. 3:24; 11:6).

Now, to be saved you must realize that;

  • By ones nature of sin and actual (committed) sins, one is separated from God (cons. Gen. 5:3; Psa. 51:3 Isa. 59:1);
  • In God’s mercy, judgement for one’s sins have been laid on Jesus Christ (Isa. 53:4-12; 1Cor. 15:3).
  • All that one is therefore required to do in order to come into favour with God is to whole heartedly renounce sin, confess and reject all sins committed, believe and receive Christ into one’s heart.

After this, God’s forgiveness, justification, and the earnest of His Spirit are released (John. 1:12; Eph. 1:13-14; 2Cor. 5:5). Then salvation, redemption, justification, born again experience, and regeneration occurs.


Note: Whosoever is possessed by evil spirits will need to have such spirit expelled from them before a genuine salvation experience can take place . This is because the Spirit of God cannot dwell in the same body with the devil. (2Cor. 6:15-16.0) .

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