Despite this well known abomination in the Corinthian Church, they did not sorrow or mourn and desire a cleansing of the Church.  Rather, they went ahead puffing up for their spiritual gifts 1Cor. 5:2 & 6), and for one preferred minister against the other (1Cor. 3:4).


Such congregations as the Corinthians still exist today and could be found among the flocks of this ministry.  They are those who will not mourn even though the Church is infested with ‘brethren’, husbands, wives, or children whose lives are scandalous.  On the other hand, they are those who will not mourn even though there are known situations about their relatives, neighbours or their country at large that call for mourning.


But the Scriptures, which are a light in our path have records of the attitude of true God’s people when scandalous incidents take place among the people of God.

  1. Joshua mourned when Israel was defeated by their enemies for their sin (Josh. 7:5-7).
  2. Samuel mourned for Saul, when the later was rejected (1Sam. 15:35-16:1).
  3. David mourned when Saul was killed (2Sam. 1:1-12).
  4. The king of Israel, mourned when the famine became so sore that two women arranged to kill their sons for food (2Kgs. 6:24-30).
  5. Jesus, our Lord mourned when He realized that the Jews (God’s people) were without God and in danger (Lk. 19:41-44).



We have been told that blessed are they that mourn unGodly, scandalous and discouraging situations in the family, Church, lives of other individuals, or in whole communities, for they shall be comforted (Matt. 5:4).  Those who cannot mourn have been described as ‘being heartless’.

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