Jesus is the greatest intellectual…

Jesus is the greatest intellectual (Heb.1:9). By heavenly wisdom, He solved the puzzles in the lives of men, discussed with the intellectuals of this world and answered the crafty (Lk.2:46-47; Matt.17:10-13; 22:15-22; Mk.1:21-22). With parables, incidents and other things they were conversant with, he drove home his messages and doctrines to the learned and illiterate, the disciples and the Pharisees such that none had any excuse for not understanding (Matt.13:31-35; Mk.13:28-31; cons. Jn.7:40-48). God commands that we hear Him and of course, many came out to hear Him at His time (Matt.17:5; Lk.5:1,15).
Jesus has never spared and will never spare the evil spirits nor ugly circumstances that came the way of those who called upon Him knowing He came to destroy their works (1Jn.3:8; Mk.5:1-18; Lk.5:4-6; 7:12-15; Mk.1:23-27; 4:35-41). They were all subject to Him.
Jesus is the embodiment of all godly virtues and good works made available to us. He is complete. He is the STAR to be desired and followed. He is the incomparable model.
 Every youth’s heart should be panting and yearning with a cry “O! To be like thee!”  He has promised to work in you both to will and do of His good pleasure (Phil.2:13). Do you want to be sound and complete physically, mentally, in favour with God and man? Then step into His path now!


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