DATE: ( 02:07:2020)

CHORUSES: 5.00 – 5.10 PM

PRAYER POINTS: 5.11 – 5.50 PM ( Matt.18: 18-20)

1️⃣ ( Isa.49:5,6) Let us appreciate the Lord for the WCCRM and pray that the Lord will keep the angel of the church in health and strength.

2️⃣ ( Ps.80:1-3, 85:6-8) Some people in the church are drawing back because there is no supervision, some tuned to the channel but get distracted, others sleep off; let’s pray that God will revive the brethren.

3️⃣ ( Matt.13:22) Some people are being drawn to the world as fellowship activities have been on hold: let’s pray for divine touch on all members of this movement to resist the pull of the world.

4️⃣ ( Prov.30:9) Hardship can make a weak believer to take the name of the Lord in vain. Let’s pray for God’s intervention in the lives of His people to provide the needed resources to sustain them now: grace, ideas etc.

5️⃣ ( Phi.4:11,12) While the necessity of gathering together for fellowship cannot be overemphasized ( Heb.10:25), however the Lord would have His people to adapt to every situation. Let us pray that the Lord will assist all to adapt.

6️⃣ ( Jn.17:11; Eph.6:18) Let’s pray for the body of Christ at this time for unity, cooperation, and oneness of vision (being heaven minded). Let the Spirit of God direct the angels of the churches to prepare the church for the rapture.

7️⃣ ( Prov.19:21) Let us pray against all those using the COVID-19 vaccine to carry out their hidden agenda: that the Lord will frustrate them as the church is still in the earth ( 2Thess.2:7).

8️⃣ ( 1Kgs.17:13-16) Present your personal matters and thank Him for the word of today.

6.00 PM
( 1st Corinthians CHAPTER 11).

Connect to Channel by 6 PM

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