In life, there is an inherent quest for survival in every creature, association or family, group, and of course kingdom. And strategies are developed to ensure continuity; among which are expansionist (growth) activities.


And since the infamous rebellion of Lucifer, wars have not ceased. It is common knowledge that the spirit realm rules the physical (seen) realm, and so most of the major events/happenings in the physical (seen) realm are dictated by the spirit realm, from natural disaster, to wars to plagues (cons.Jon.1:9-22; 2:4-10). In this realm, there are 2 major kingdoms namely the kingdom of light and that of darkness.


TEXT: Dan.10:1-15, 19-21

Our text is a revelation of events that occur regularly in the spirit. Realm. Here, the angel Gabriel was sent to the planet (in response to Daniel’s fast and prayers for clarification of revelation), to decode the message. But the demonic prince (angelic being) overseeing the Persian empire with a host of other fallen angels (termed kings of Persia in verse 13) withstood the glorious angel until an archangel (Michael) was sent by God to remove the obstacle (Dan.10:13)


That is how the kingdom of rebels (darkness constantly stands against any good thing that is being sent to men. These envious spirits don’t want mortals to enjoy the blessings of God. It must be noted that the resistance is directed against mortal men and not against angels or heavenly beings or spirit of just men made perfect (Heb.                ). So the struggle is for the souls of mortal men: the emissaries of darkness seeking to prevent all men (both in their kingdom and those in God’s kingdom) from enjoying final salvation (Phil2:12)


But praise God that the work of Calvary has put the believer on a position of great esteem and superiority to contend and overcome the posed challenges from the adversaries (Rom.8:37; Eph.2:6; 6:12,13; 2Cor.10:3-5)


Tonight, we shall rise to convey the decisions of the righteous God on issues challenging our existence (Job.22:21-28; Mk.11:23,24)

Prayer Points:-

1. Ps.92:1-5 – Let us give thanks to the Lord for His favour of electing us into sonship. Remember, it is time for every line of the Holy Scriptures to be proven true and proven to be working wonders.
2. Matt.12:28-30 – (a) Let us bind (arrest) the spirits responsible for the activities of wasting lives in this country
3. 2Chro.20 – Let evil kingdoms fight against themselves and let them destroy one another until they don’t exist.
4. Mk.11:23 – Let us decree an end of the terms of  terrorist organizations in this country
5. 2Sam.24:15 – (a) Let us call upon God on behalf of the brethren in places where Corona virus is spreading (b) Let us arrest the power behind the plague of Corona-Virus (c) Let us declare the plague terminated.
6. Mk. 3:37 – Personal matters: Arrest all force following against your well-being and family.
7. Let’s give thanks to the Lord.



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