Texts:                    Jos.5:1-12, Jn.15:16


Gilgal dimension is a realm of divine power obtained and sustained through purity, and enlarged through knowledge (Heb.1:8,9, Jn.8:32, Prov.24:3,4).


The Lord buttressed the irreplaceable position of knowledge in kingdom progress by lamenting at the consequences of its lack (Hos.4:6, Jer.8:7), but encouraging and ensuring that His servants possess it (Ps.103:7, Jer.9:23,24, Amos 3:7).


Joshua was told to acquire it through habitual reading and meditating on the word, for therein lies success  (Jos,1:8, cp. Ps.1:1-3); and the manifestation of the Captain of the Lord’s host was simply to boost his faith for the battles through knowledge (Jos,5:13-15). It was the knowledge that made Joseph not to terminate his divine program at Potipher’s house when his mistress enticed him to sin (Gen.39:1-20). It was the knowledge that Elisha had about the glory of service of God that made him abandon his lucrative agricultural business to follow the Prophet Elijah unto his ascension to heaven (1Kgs.19:19-21, 2Kgs.2:9-13).


The Lord Jesus stipulated that the disciple should bear fruit; knowledge is crucial in this business of occupying (Jn.14:12). Faith comes through knowledge acquired (Rom.10, 2Pt.1:16-21) and success comes through the application of acquired knowledge (Jas.2:18,24-26). To bear fruit abundantly, one must have and apply knowledge of the word.


We shall lift up some scriptures, believe and apply them for the exercise of today, and testimonies are bound to follow.




Ps. 95:1-7 – Let’s magnify the Lord for His greatness and care for us. Thank Him for the grace given to you to go through this exercise. Bless Him for our GS and what He has used him to accomplish in our lives.


Isa.40:28-31 – Ask the Lord to renew your spiritual and physical strength having waited on the Lord. Let Him place you in the realm of unceasing fruitfulness (Gilgal dimension).


Matt.18:18-20, 16:18,19 – Let’s join our faith together and ask for the neutralization of the plans to the enemy to stop the church in this nation.


Jer.10:11 – Tell the Lord to humiliate all those that have made themselves gods in this nation and all over the globe.


Isa.5:8,20 – Pray that the Lord will decisively deal with all those taking other people’s land, and those supporting them.


Zech.7:8-14 – Pray the Lord to scatter the terrorists, bloodletters and ritualists with His whirlwind.


Zech.10:1 – Ask for the rain of revival in the Church at this time


Isa.2:2,3 – Ask for the inflow of people into the watchman


Neh.1:9 – Pray for the needy in the Church that the Lord will meet their needs beyond their expectation. Pray against affliction rising a second time.


Matt.7:7,8 – What else do you need? Ask the Lord.


Ezk.37:9,10 – Let’s prophesy health, wealth, success and growth to the GS; His under pastors, members of the Movement and your nuclear family.

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