Many youths are called Christians because of their testimonies…

Many youths are called Christians because of their testimonies after attending youth programmes and special meetings. They even have wonderful visitations in many other areas, but the question thereafter is “can you be called a Christian” considering the experience of the CHRISTIANS in Antioch? What is your attitude to regular meditation on and study of the word of God (2Tim. 2:15; Ps. 119:9, 11; Josh. 1:8)? Are you teachable? Or you want to make do with your initial experiences? Such youths remain carnal, struggling with the flesh and often being pulled down by them (cons. Rom. 12:2; 8:5-8). Christian youths are those who want to be more like Jesus each passing day and this is through consistent growth in and awareness of the word of God (2Pet. 1:4-10; 3:18). On gaining admission to higher institution or becoming employed, as you grow each day into adulthood, can you be called a Christian like the the disciples in Antioch of old? What is your lifestyle, your relationship with the opposite sex, and your reaction to the standard of the word of God and the Church on diverse issues concerning youths?
It is time to make an irreversible decision to move into the steps of the Saviour – going for expediency to become like Christ, and not being in bondage to things and influences that have hindered many Christian youths of this generation. Cross over to that point of no return. It is sweet to be a true Christian youth for only such will walk with the Master Jesus Christ through the streets of gold into the place He has prepared for them (Matt. 24:13; Jn. 14:1-3; Rev. 3:11-12; 21:21-27). Walk in His steps today and you will be happy for it.
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