MESSAGE OF THE HOUR: The State Of Most People In The Church

NOT long ago, the Lord showed me the state and standing (before God) of majority of people in the Church, including the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement — the place He has put His name, Word, Spirit and Power; the place which He has declared ‘a model’ and ‘holy ground’; the place He has also declared the headquarters of His Spirit in these last days.

The situation that He used to portray the said state and standing of many is that of the farmlands of Israel after the devastation of palmer-worms, locusts, cankerworms and caterpillars, as was prophesied by Prophet Joel (Joel 1:4; 2:4,3). Before the invasion of these devastating insects, the said farmlands were like the Garden of Eden, but after their visit, they became a desolate wilderness (Joel 2: 3; cp. Zech. 7:14).

By this the Lord is asserting that many in the Church right now are in serious lack of the essentials or cardinal things of Christianity, compared to what the state of the people was in those formative days. This is due to the invasion (of late) of spiritual palmerworms, locusts, cankerworms and caterpillars.


Nonetheless, the Lord, because of His abiding interest in the Church, will not allow anything to destroy His proposed goal with it. Consequently, He has decided to highlight the dross of the people, purge them of same (as they repent in dust and ashes) and then make them begin to drink of the river of His pleasures.

Dross means “the waste product or impurities formed on the surface of molten (melted) metal during smelting (melting)”. It also means “worthless stuff as opposed to valuables”. Below is an outline of the dross (in other words, the palmerworms, the locusts, the cankerworms and the caterpillars) the Lord has observed among His people, which must be taken away. ( see Prov. 25:4-5; Isaiah 1:22,25; Ezekiel 22:18,19)


By: Pastor A. C. Ohanebo
General Superintendent,
Watchman Catholic Charismatic
Renewal Movement (WCCRM)




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