In the physical, the noble are those that have high social ranks. It also means those who have very fine/nice personal qualities.


In our context, the noble or noblemen are those who, through righteousness and faith, have been exalted by God (cp. Prov.14:34). Such people have the privilege of the presence and glory of God upon them so much so that men and spirits, circumstances bow before them (cp.Ex.8:8-9; 9:27,28; 33:14,18,19; 2Kgs.6:13-17).


Seeing that it is so, it is imperative that all of us should take appropriate steps to become spiritual honourable and noble men/women, boys/girls. And when we do, we are sure to be wonders in this our generation as already declared by the Lord.


Let’s rise to pray.

Fellowship Song (HSCF 110)

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