On The Mountain By Night, On The Plains By Day

This article before you is to launch you¬†into the secrets of His exploits if you must fulfill His injunction and promise (Lk. 19:13; Jn. 14:12). The¬†teaching is “On the Mountain by Night, on the Plains by Day”.
On The Mountain By Night: Explanation And Examples

In the physical, a mountain is a land mass that projects well above its surroundings. It takes great efforts and determination to climb a mountain because of its rough sides and slope but at the end the climber achieves his purposes. A mountain can be a place of extraordinary experience where God and man meet. The people of Old Testament including the children of Israel at different times had glorious visitations as the Lord descending on the mount. On one of the mounts at Moriah, Abraham experienced God as Jehovah Jireh (Gen. 22:11-14), at Mountain of God in Horeb, Moses saw the bush that burned which was not consumed (Exo. 3:1-2), when God came down in fire on Mount Sinai, there was smoke, quakes and the children of Israel heard the voice of the Lord (Exo. 19:16-19; 20:18; Deut. 4:9-12); there God gave Moses and Israelites the ten commandments and His statutes and judgments (Deut. 4:13; Exo. 20:1-3). At mount Carmel, Elijah and the Israelites saw the God that answers by fire (1Kgs. 18:36-39). When Jesus took some of His apostles to the Mountain, they (the apostles) saw a scene that so made them afraid that they temporarily forgot everything about themselves (Matt. 17:1-3). The different experiences at these different mountains remained memorials for generations after those that experienced them and for us today (Rom. 15:4; 2Pet. 1:16-18; Deut. 4:10-13; Heb. 12:18-19). They were glorious experiences indeed.
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