The first issue that should be addressed after two believers have known the will of God and have agreed to marry themselves is that of obtaining their parents’ consent.  The two will inform their parents and present the intending husband/wife to them for initial knowledge and approval (cons. Gen. 24:49-51). 


Sometimes, it is difficult to obtain the woman’s parents’ consent.  When such is the case, the intending couple must resort to prayers of faith, necessary explanations and persuasions, as well as patience till the Lord turns their hearts (cons. Prov. 21:1; Phil. 4:6; Heb. 6:15).  At other times, it is the man’s parents’ consent that is not fort coming.  In such cases, the same means as stipulated above should be adopted to make them yield. 


However, in cases where the man’s parents are adamant, or not altogether agreeing, such circumstances should not be allowed to vitiate God’s will or prevent the marriage indefinitely.


  1. Prior to securing, the woman’s parents’ consent, the woman can be said to be partially engaged, but fully engaged or betrothed after her parents’ consent.



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