Preaching Out Of Experience

 (Romans 1:16).


Apostle Paul’s knowledge of salvation was not conventional, but experiential. That is to say that it was not hearsay, but what he experienced. So, successful soul-winner preaches what he has experienced with particular reference to Christ’s work at Calvary (cons. 1Tim. 1:12-16; 1Cor. 2:1-2; 15:1-4; Jn. 3:14-15).


Salvation massage of many Christian-workers does sound like that of those who do not have salvation experience. Their emphasis is not on grace and faith but on works (cons. Eph. 2:8-10).


There are others (who are born again) that instead of preaching Christ and His word that transformed their lives, they are preaching their church (cons. 1Cor.2:1-2).


When next time you have the opportunity to preach to sinners, or new-converts, center on Him that was crucified, for therein is the power for salvation released (cons. Jn. 3:14-15; Acts 10:37-44).

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