Because of his commitment to the progress of the gospel of Christ, the apostle Paul, not only preached it directly, but also progressed it indirectly. Basically he did two things;

(I) he denied himself of a legitimate thing as marriage and of the right of depending on the church for his subsistence and those that depended on him (1Cor. 9:5-6,7-15);

(ii) he also adjusted himself to fit into the communion of different categories of people – the Jews, those under the law, those without the law of God and the weak (1Cor. 9:19-23).


If Christians objectively accept the following (a) being a means of light; (b) being a source of light to lighten sinners in other places; (c) being a means of oneness and glory to the Church of Christ generally; (d) being a means of healing to the sick and deliverance to the possessed and oppressed of the devils and (e) being an instrument of warning to those who will be lost eventually, then, every one must often sit down to think-out what self-denials and adjustments are to be undertaken to indirectly progress the work of the ministry.


For example, there are needy locations such as Liberia, Ghana, the Cameroon and some remote places in Nigeria. Privileged Christians could deny themselves of some additional comfort and channel welfare/project to these needy places.  This will progressed the work of the ministry  indirectly by such denials.

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