Text:                                                   Luke 19:41‑44


INTRODUCTION:   Jesus, on approaching Jerusalem (in the course of the Triumphal Entry), and seeing the ignorance of the people, wept over the city. The Jews failed to recognise their day of visitation and paid dearly for it. It was unfortunate that after waiting  for the Messiah (the prophet) for a long time, they did not recognise Him when He eventually came and so treated Him as they pleased (cp. Jn. 1:19‑22; Lk. 24:18‑22; Matt. 23:37‑39; Jn. 9:39‑41).  Unlike them, the Lord would  have us to take cognisance of this period of our divine visitation  and make the most of it (cp. Lk. 19:41‑44).

Lets look at these two points: (1) The Package For This Time Of Visitation (2) The Preparation Necessary For Receiving It.


(1)        The Package For This Time Of Visitation


This time around,  the Lord has packaged all‑round empowerment for all Watchmen and their associates. This is a period that all dry bones will rise again and become an exceeding great army (cp. Ezk. 37:1‑11); an army of men who have what it takes to overcome sin,  Satan and all evil societal influences (1Jn. 5:4); men that know their God, who are strong and doing exploits for Him (cp. Dan. 11:32). The Lord is in the business of raising men who have what it takes to overcome sicknesses/diseases in their  lives, as well as help others out; men with power and authority over devils, principalities/powers, witches and wizards (cp. Lk. 9:1‑2; 10:19). The Lord is equally set at this time to give us what it takes to prosper materially and economically. Note, this empowerment is not just theoretical. There shall be practical  empowerment. And why should  you miss this opportunity, only to begin to complain afterwards?


(2)        The Preparation Necessary For Receiving It


To be a beneficiary of this divine empowerment, there are preparations expected of everyone. First, you have to prepare your mind to fully participate in the programme, irrespective of the cost. Unfortunately, there are people who call themselves Christians, who can afford to stay at home on a whole Sunday, entertaining friends and visitors, hosting and attending towns meetings, etc.  So, you find them in Church only on some Sundays they are free. All such people, who toy with God and gamble with their eternal well‑being, are terrible sinners.


To help those who may have genuine problem of  transportation, arrangements are made in the parish to take them to and fro the empowerment centre every Sunday,  throughout the period. As part of the necessary preparation, the Lord expects those of us who can afford to help transport others, to do so. Consequently, all brethren who own vehicles (including commercial ones) must make them available for this once‑a‑Sunday service. And when  they do, their own empowerment is guaranteed. Besides, every Watchman is required to heartily participate in the publicity and extending of invitations to friends, colleagues and others to this empowerment programme. Publicity materials are available to enhance this.

Do not stay on the fence at this crucial time. Prepare yourself,  participate  fully, help others to participate, and you will be among the jubilant crowd in the course of, and at the end of this empowerment exercise.

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