Our God is the only Being that has the capacity to turn back time (2Kgs20:8-11). This ability shows that God is capable of doing what is humanly incomprehensible like returning back in time to straighten up what had been done wrongly. (Matt.19:26).


Our texts reveal divine providence on a woman who took the prophet’s counsel to emigrate because of a looming famine (2Kgs8:3-6), and the promise of restoration of the land and people of Israel (Joel2:25,26). These are to confirm His presence in their midst (Rom.15:4).


We need the confirmation of the word given to His servant during the LEAP Declarations that:

  • The Lord must take back His church from the world
  • It will be proven that He has not ceded the world or His church to Satan.
  • Sinners in shepherd’s clothing will be identified, humiliated and disgraced.
  • The hitherto confused or scandalized will receive clarification as to what true Christianity is
  • Horrible and sour relationships will turn honourable and sweet
  • Traumatized Jobs will turn to triumphant Jobs


The divine restoration of the ruined years will make traumatized Jobs become triumphant


HSCF: 202, 208

Prayer Points

  1. Appreciate God for the gift of salvation and life and for the angel of the church.
  2. 11:12 – Ask God for the full restoration of the health of the man of God so that he can raise the multitude
  3. 49:5,6 – Pray for the return of spiritual vigor in the Movement so that Jacob can be properly directed. That the Pastors will return to their consecration and commitment to the Lord.
  4. Joel 2:23-26 – Pray for the restoration of your own lost qualities and godly practices
  5. 2:5-11 – Pray for people undergoing chastisement, and backsliders in the church including the excommunicated: that they be preserved and transformed, so that they are restored better than they were.
  6. Jer.29:7 – That the Lord will restore the glory of our nation through His mechanism, for the sake of the church and her mission
  7. Personal needs
  8. Thank the Lord for the answer to prayers.


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