Restoring Fellowship With The Holy Ghost

 ( 2 Cor. 13:5)


It is always painful to return to the missing point after you have traveled far on the wrong road unknowingly, or out of carelessness.  But knowing the importance of the journey, you can=t hesitate turning back to follow the right road.


Backsliding, whether total or partial is never easy to recover from.  So, the believer that have lost fellowship with the Holy Ghost should not take restoration process lightly.

Sometimes, it is more easier for new converts to attract the Spirit of God than for backsliders.  If the backslider will have complete restoration, he must discover and own up every thing that has led to the backslidden state, and return to all he had neglected (Rev. 2:4-5).


Consistently meditating and praying the scriptures in true repentance, form an active part of the restoration process (cons. Prov. 14:23).  Have you lost fellowship with the Holy Ghost?  You can begin the restoration journey tonight.


Fellowship Song B Grace Greater Than All Our Sin (HSCF:88)

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