If believers must keep the rule of not going to law before the unbelievers (as have been described) and live peaceably with themselves, then they must be prepared to bear wrong that could be mete-out from one to the other, often unconsciously, or as a result of carelessness.


  • Joseph bore the wrong of his brothers (Gen. 37:1-4,18-28; 45:1-5).
  • David bore the wrong of Saul, as the latter pursued and sought his life because of envy (1Sam. 18:6-9,28-29; 25:5-12).
  • The Lord Jesus bore the wrong of His disciples not knowing, believing and trusting Him readily, despite the numerous evidences (Matt. 17:14-17; Jn. 14:4-5,8-9).
  • He bore the wrong of Peter denying Him severally (Matt. 26:57-58,69-70).
  • He also bore the wrong of His key apostles backsliding from the vision and mission that He had sold to them (Jn. 21:1-17).


In the light of the fore-going, believers must bear wrong one from another (1Cor.6:7).

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