Scourge of Selfishness

scourge of selfishness is indeed responsible for many threats to the existence and accomplishment of the ministry=s purpose. These include problems in relationship viz oppression of subordinates and or subjects in the Church (cons. Ezk.34:1-10 cp 1Pt.5:2-3), blackmailing (ct. Gen.42:1-34, Judg.14:12-15), speaking against authority for some personal reasons  without considering the damning effects of the mischievous talks on the hearers (cons. Tit.3:2; Rom.13:1-3,7, 14:7-13, 2Pt.2:9-12, Jude 8, 9).


It is the principal behind the expression of insecurity in the form of rivalry, lobbying, unhealthy competition and castigation, decimation or undoing of perceived rivals  (cons. 1Kgs.2:5, Mk.10:35-37, Jn.21:18-21 cp Lk.14:7-10).


Selfishness (in consonance with ignorance) is behind the epidermic proportion of unfaithfulness to  the covenant duty of tithing (cons. Mal.3:8-12, Gen.14:18-20, 28:20-22), and the deplorable attitude of stinginess and giving of weightless offerings in the Church (cons. 2Sam.24:24, Ps.126:5, Prov.11:24-26, Eccl.11:1-6, Hag.2:2-9, Lk.6:38, 2Cor.8:12, 9:6-8, Gal.6:7-9). It is a leading force behind the refusal of the well-to-do to lend to the less privileged, notwithstanding the excuses given for the adamance (cons. Ps.37:21,26; 112:5, Lk.6:35) and the delay or refusal to redeem pledges made in the Church (cons. Deut.23:21-23, Eccl.5:4-6, Ps.15:1-4).


It is the insidious factor behind all networking businesses being run in the Church that hamper or compromise the evangelistic work of the ministry (cons. Mal.1:6, Matt.21:12-13).


What else could be responsible if not selfishness for the refusal of debtors to repay the loans collected from brethren or the Church when due? (cons. Eccl.5:2-6, Ps.37:21); the giving of shylock loans to less privileged saints (cons. Ex.22:25, Lev.25:35-38, Deut.23:19-20); masters not bothering about the welfare of their employees or apprentices (cons. Prov.12:10, Eph.6:9, Col.4:1); employees or apprentices pilfering and exhibiting all manner of unfaithfulness in their places of work (cons. Eph.6:5-8, Col.3:22-25, Tit.2:9-10); the attitude of being always bent on having one=s way and not bothering about God=s will in the event of a challenge (cons. Gen.4:3-8 cp 1Cor.6:8); refusal of an erring defiled officer to relinquish position  and seek restoration of spiritual integrity (cons. Jos.7:7:1-12 cp 1Kgs 22:34, 1Cor.5:6, Gal.5:9); husbands neglecting their duties towards their families (cons. 1Tim.5:8, Eph.5:25, 1Cor.7:3, Prov.22:6), wives refusing to play their roles towards their husbands (1Cor.7:3,4, 1Pt.3:1-6).


Some people might have got so depraved that out of sheer selfishness, they steal in the Church by pilfering from the offering box or while collating or counting the offerings, or carting away other worshippers misplaced items. This is most unfortunate (cons. Lk.19:45-46, cp 1Sam.2:12-17,30).


It is a prominent property of Satan!


Selfishness has terrible consequences in the interim and in eternity (cons. Prov. 11:24,26, Ezk.34:2,10, Matt.25:41-46, Lk.14:11). The disease must be destroyed without delay by heart felt repentance and determination to be selfless (Prov.3:3-4, 4:23, Rom.12:1-2).


HSCF: 163

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