Set A Study Schedule

To set a study schedule you must First, ensure that you have your class time table for the various subjects you are offering and the venues for the classes.  Then, from the class time table, draw up your personal study schedule.  This should include time for assignments.  Do not assign equal time to all the subjects; rather give more time to the ones you consider “more difficult” than others, and study them when you are very alert.  Sometimes, however, you may need to begin with subjects that interest you most to put yourself in the mood for more challenging work. Your study schedule should have for any given day provision for revision of subjects coming up in the class the following day. This will enable you revise the last material covered and prepare for the next day’s lecture. As much as possible follow the schedule you have made. Towards examination time, you can make a new personal time table to suit your examination time table. Set a time limit for answering past questions on every subject; be disciplined about it as though you are in an examination hall. It is very helpful and gets you prepared for the actual examination.


(it is important to study the scriptures in the bible daily)

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