Setting Your Love Upon Him

(Ps. 91:14)


It is after we have known Him, that we can truly love Him. And yet loving the Lord is an uncompromisable instruction (cp. Deut.10:12; Mk. 12:28-30).

One that sets one=s love upon God as one’s Father, will always obey Him and carry out  His instructions in every area (cp. Jn. 14:15, 21,23).


As you always love to pour your mind out to one whom you love, so also those who love the Lord take delight in pouring out their souls unto Him (cp. Ps. 42:1-3; 63:1-7). They often stay with the Lord in prayer of faith. Such are those in the secret place, and the attached blessings are surely theirs (cp. Ps. 91:1-16).

Let us pray


Fellowship Songs (HSCF 13 & 177)

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