Silver Jubilee of our wedding – By Pastor Luke Duru



Silver Jubilee of our wedding –

a relationship whose foundation was laid and built on/with the word of God (Deut 8:1-3).

I and my wife were like every other un-regenerated / backsliden Christian until we came in contact with the truth of God’s word in 1988 through the ministrations from the pulpit of many colours in Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement at the hand of the General Superintendent.

Among others things, we were taught and cleansed from our wills and ways. We were groomed to submit totally to the will and ways of God in all things, which requires total submission to the truth of God’s word and yielding ourselves to effectual fervent prayers that guarantee knowing God’s will and obtaining grace to submit oneself to them.

I can recall that in the morning hours of 23rd June, 1990 that I was effectually and fervently praying for perishing souls to be saved through our evangelism that was holding that Saturday. While in that prayer, I had three trances within a space of five minutes that clearly showed me who to marry. It wasn’t my prayer focus but it pleased the Lord to reveal that to me. So, I did not allow it to distract, destabilise or dislodge me from that day’s assignment of leading the Church to a street evangelism. I kept this leading to myself for over four months. The LORD led me rather to pray for certain qualities (for me – to be a man indeed and for my wife – to be a woman indeed). He told me that those are the things that would make us succeed in marriage and family life. He led me to pray for myself to be endowed with the qualities found in Jacob (Israel) and those qualities stipulated for husbands in the epistles. Jacob was an outstanding bible character on marriage and family management according the revelations given to me, though he had some gray areas in his family management, especially in getting his children to be of good behaviour. I was shown his manly qualities that helped him manage his family with all the attendant troubles. For my wife, I was led to pray for her so that she could be transformed to the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31 and the qualities stipulated in the epistles for Christian wives. I was on this assignment of praying for myself and my wife to be (as at then) for months without letting anyone know of God’s leading for us to become couple. I was praying and watching out for those qualities, both in myself and in my wife.

After being fully satisfied and persuaded that I had done what the LORD wanted me to do, I approached the Church Marriage Committee and got their guidance on how to go about it.

The Marriage Committee had to interview me on a number of issues to ensure a sound and smooth take off of the Marriage and advised me to keep my persuasion to myself so that they can confirm our Spiritual and physical (especially health) soundness. If it is today, there will be thorough medical checks to avoid health issues that can result from sexually transmitted diseases, genotype related issues, etc and Spiritual checks to ensure that we are Spiritually sound (void of lies, cheating, violence, intolerance, self-centredness, etc). When I was confirmed sound, the Committee independently approached my wife and confirmed her soundness before I was guided to share my conviction to marry her with her only. I was also advised to allow her seek the face of the Lord and get her own conviction from the LORD without putting pressures on her, which I adhered to.

Today, I can boldly say that building on the truth of God’s word, which is being offered freely by genuine servants of God / ministries is the key to successful marriage. We have never had any cause of being objects of reproach to God and His Church nor becoming any issue that should cause friends / relatives / Church or society any concern. We have had times of disagreements but understanding, tolerance and forgiveness have been helping us to keep sweet as I have kept loving my wife while enjoying her wonderful submission to me as commanded by the truth of God’s word.

It is great to find God’s will, greater to accept it and greatest to build the family on and with (God’s will) the truth of God’s word.

Early morning today, the LORD commanded me to pray for all troubled marriages and those who want to get into marriages to mark the Silver Jubilee of my wedding (07/03/1992). This is in appreciation of His goodness and mercies to our family for the past 25 years. My wedding day was my wedding day indeed because our marriage was never consummated until that day. The Almighty God also commanded me in the early hours of today to pray for believers to experience joy of faith and joy of service as we have.

Therefore I wish to declare right away that the Lord intervene in all troubled marriages in Jesus name, remove all those beings/things/issues that have been troubling those marriages in Jesus name, grant believers joy of being Christians and joy of serving the Lord in Jesus name. May the Lord lay the foundation of His children’s marriages on and build their families with the truth of His word in Jesus name.

Rejoice with us and always thank God on our behalf. Never forget to join us to pray for our Church elders who have been guiding us with the truth of God’s word that make us succeed where many mighty, wise and wealthy have failed. Thank you and God bless.





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