Supplication to the Almighty

The Lord Jesus, after trekking up the mountain and separating Himself from the distractions of the neighborhood, immediately went into the business of prayer which was in the form of supplication (Lk.9:28,29).  It should be noted that at such circumstances just relaxing and hoping that God would definitely act and meet one=s expectations without further exercise amounts to laziness or ignorance and would yield disappointment (cons. Prov.14:23 ct. Prov.12:27, 21:25, 24:30-34, Eccl.10:18).


Supplication is that kind of prayer (communication with God) in which one humbly and earnestly makes his requests to God. It gives prominence to the expression of personal needs (cons. 2Cor.12:7-9, Lk.18:10,13, Matt.26:37-44). It is always generated by a burden in the heart which could be directly given by the spirit (cons. Matt.26:37-38,  Jn.12:27,  Acts 17:16) or emanate following thoughtful consideration of matters (cons. 2Cor.12, cp. Lk.15:14-20a).


It is different from Intercession where one is seeking the presence of God on behalf of others ( Isa.59:15-16a, 62:6 ). It must be noted that, effective praying requires the engagement or utilization of all of one=s faculties, and so is energy consuming (Jas.5:16-17, Col.4:12, Gal.4:19, Rom.15:30, Acts 6:4, 1Sam.1:10-16).


The believer is expected to always be in tune with God, and to pray all kinds of prayers

(1Tim.2:1). For one to cultivate a strong prayer habit (1Thess.5:17, Lk.18:1), there is need for consecration during which one develops and maintains AGod-consciousness@ (cons.

Job 34:21, Ps.139:7-12). Any believer that maintains God-consciousness will stay sin-free both in the secret and in the open (implied Gen.39:2-12, Neh.6:11, Rom.11:13).


The believer is enjoined to boldly approach God=s throne at the time of prayer (cons. Heb.4:16, 10:19,22), however, the existence of besetting sins will be a snag to this boldness (cons. 1Jn.3:20-21). And effective prayer is one based on God=s word (cons. Isa.41:21, Hos.14:2, Jn.15:7).


Intense prayers (of any sort) always attract some Divine response (cons. 2Chro.20:22, Lk.22:41-44, 2Cor.12:8-9).


Prayers lead to metamorphosis.

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