A New Job Born out of BESOTH 2018

I’m by name Sister Florence Ndidiamaka Amarachukwuamaka Eze from the above parish.

It all happened last year when the Besoth 2018 programme was announced in my parish, we were ask to contribute the sum of N4,000 for transportation to Enugu state for the programme. By this time i was working in a Private Security Company as a Secretary, knowing the nature of my job attaining this great programme will not be possible. During the Easter programme 31 March 2018 precisely we listed to a massage preached by our G.S tittled (Rising Ambassadors for Christ) as this massage was going on i heard in my Spirit to sponsor Two (2) brethren tro and fro to the programme by this time i was just a fresh Graduate from one of the Polytechnic in Nigeria who has not collected her NATIONAL DIPLOMA RESULT, the money for this result was the only money in my bank account, so i obeyed the voice and paid the Money. on 2 April 2018 we heard workers meeting at Diocesan Headquarters Jabi. as the man of God was ministering, the Topic that says (By whom shall this project be executed) i heard in my Spirit to attain Besoth 2018, and the Spirit said i should write an application letter to be away from duty for two weeks i immediately began to write. on 3rd April i submitted to my boss whom rejected and later said i should look for someone to cover me for the period i will be away but i will be the one to pay the person which i agreed. 4th April 2018 we were in the Church about to move for the Journey when my phone rang that the person i brought can not do the Job i should return to work but i told my boss that i have already made up my mind to travel for the programme. so after the programme i went to work, i was issued a query letter which i wrote and i was asked to go that i will be called upon, i left but was never called. on 23 May 2018 my inlaw called me on phone to come over to the house when i got there He asked if i have collected my result i said NO. He asked why i told him that i don’t have money to do so, i was asked to look for money that day and go and get my result which i have to borrow, i enter the road that day to my school, Returned 25th May 2018 which happened to be the Night of Metamorphosis, the church was the first place the result entered i handed over that result to God. on 27th Sunday May 2018 i and my elder Sister went to her formal Boss house, we did not spent up to 10 minute there and returned home the woman gave me i No. and request i should go to one of the Commissions in Abuja to meet with her friend which i did, brethren when i got there the woman i mate said she doesn’t want to work with a famine but later said i should give her time to pray about it if her spirit will accept me or not. when i stepped out of the office i told God, that this woman want to start praying if it will work or not but that i have been praying already He should do something. Less than a week i was called to start work. This is how this God who never disappoint who answer just in time changed my level from being a Secretary in a Private Security Company to becoming a Secretary in one of the Commissions. Join me to Praise the Living God because by his Grace i am One year and some days old in the Commission and He has been too Good to me.
Praise the Lord.

Eze Florence Ndidiamaka
Abuja Diocese, Nyanya District, Kurudu parish, FCT-Abuja