Delivered from the Spirit of Religion

A good church worker I was from the Anglican Communion where I belonged to Church Band at Enugu in the late 90s and in the Choir and the Church Parochial Committee at PortHarcourt in 2003 – 2007 to the RCCG where I was about becoming a Deacon before God led me to WCCRM through my wife who violently left me at RCCG because her spirit did not accept what she saw in RCCG in the Province where we served. I was a point of reference to her because even as I was a very dedicated worker I was still deep into alcoholism, cheating, lying, sharp practices and before I married into fornication and was covering everything with my effective participation in the things of God.

After few months, I joined my wife in WCCRM because of the children – our different denominations were already affecting our children. I considered joining her instead of making trouble and breaking the peace we have been enjoying since marriage since submission to my orders was not in her dictionary in this matter. When I joined, I heard the truth on every fellowship day and I asked of the Lord to deliver me from the spirit of alcoholism and religion and my prayer was heard.

Today, I no longer do alcoholism, lie or cheat. I can boldly say that I am in tune with my God in His principles and precepts. Glory be to God.

Magnus Okeke
Port Harcourt Diocese, NTA District HQ