Divine Healing from Kidney Disease


Thou alone art God in all the Universe. The power of death and life are in the hand of God. What he said will be, will be!!!

If men were God. It would have been a different story.


I am grateful to God for putting the enemies to shame by saving my life from the shadow of death, despite all their demonic manipulations in diverse ways physically and spiritually.
Oh!! that man may know that thou, whose name alone is Jehovah art the Most High over all the earth.


Brethren, last year was indeed very tempestuous for me. I suddenly started suffering from a killer disease (kidney disease). I was referred from one hospital to another. Many people thought I wouldn’t survive the illness, which is characterized by swollen feet, hands, stomach, all parts of my body became swollen and doctors called it renal parenchymal disease of the kidney, to the point that I found it difficult to eat or drink water as my belly was filled up.


In the middle of the terrible illness, I lost my sight and couldn’t see in broad daylight, but as I kept calling the Name Jesus..Jesus.. Jesus.. Jesus, with the little strength left inside me. In a short while, I started seeing gradually until I completely received back my sight.


Oh God, the Great physician that taunted the evil diviners to exhaust all their evil enterprises, those that opted to serve earthly gods other than God of Heaven. Who vowed that I and my family must join them to serve their deity.
Men and Brethren our God is indeed great.
Although last year, 2020, was very tempestuous. But this year God raised up the decayed parts of my body. His divine healing virtues have made me strong.


If not for You, Oh Lord I wouldn’t have been alive to witness this year 2021 and years to come.
Indeed I have a reason to say thank You, Lord.

Bro Henry Nnubia

Nnubia Henry Ekene
Orlu Diocese, Ogboko Zone, Ogboko Parish, Ideato South LGA, Imo State, Nigeria