The miracle of God in my life

My name is Paul, I want to use this opportunity to thank God and appreciate him for making me who I.. am today despite all the challenges I encountered after my settlement. I served my master for 7rs, and after my settlement problem started the shop that I was staying in was scattered by the Lagos State government. With God’s help, I got another place with a miracle even when I didn’t have cash at hand and I was able to pay for 3yrs. And as if that was not enough for Satan after 4months the building was sold but this great God help me again and secure a better place and the money was 1.5m for 3 yrs but the owner removed 300,000 for me by God’s work. And also I was able to recover my remaining balance of the previous shop that was sold even when it seemed not possible because of the landlord. So my brethren if not for this God I would have gone back to villages please help me to worship and appreciate him for me because I know he has wonderful plans ahead for me.

Okafor paul
Lagos diocese, oshodi district, mafoloku parish no. 19soubana street oshodi.