Texts:                                        Ps.92:1-15

Today, we shall fortify this necessary habit as we briefly digest our text written under inspiration, in which were (a) The Acknowledgement Of The Need To Give Thanks To God (b) The Appreciation Of The Lord’s Doings (c) The Awareness Of The Dividends Of Appreciation.


  • The Acknowledgement (Ps. 92:1-3)


The psalmist, unto God, admitted and confessed the goodness and delightsomeness of giving thanks to Him and singing praises even with musical instruments; with a view of demonstrating God=s loving kindness and faithfulness at all times, be it in the morning or at night.


We must become addicted singers of God=s praise seeing and always singing of His benevolence, magnanimity and faithfulness in all situations (cp. Acts 16:22-26).


  • The Appreciation (Ps. 92:4-9)


After acknowledging the beauty of thanksgiving, the writer began to raise in value the doings of the Lord unto him by declaring them (v.4-5).


Whatsoever thing or circumstance an individual confesses, the value is raised: The believer must learn to elevate the value of the positive things that have come his way by regularly thinking, speaking and singing about them (Ps. 96:1-2; 103:1-4; 105:1-2). The believer should not focus on the devil=s Aexploits@ or activities lest he gives weight to the weightless!


The inspired psalmist in verses 6-7, revealed that the brutish (wasteful, grossly sensual, irrational) man and the fool (somebody insolent or stupid in living out a religion that he professes) do not appreciate God=s doings but are rather carried away by the temporary dazzles of the wicked=s prosperity.


It can be extrapolated that if any believer does not see and appreciate the works of the Lord but rather desires to be like the wicked, such a believer is foolish and or brutish.  Secondly, the believer must not allow the end time activity of the spirit of unthankfulness to over take him but must show thanks to God for all things (cons. 2Tim.3:1-2).

As one gives God thanks for what He has done, the person opens the door for more blessings from the owner of heaven and earth, who give the kingdom to whomsoever He wills (Dan.4:34-35; Ps.24:1).


  • The Awareness (Ps.92:10-14)


From our sub text, it can be deduced that the grateful and appreciative person who is covenanted with God will always enjoy the following: (a) Exaltation of horn (emblem of excessive strength and grace) and anointing with fresh oil (reinvigoration of spiritual life) (v.10) (b) Accomplishment of desire towards enemies (v.11 cp. Deut.33:27; Prov.16:7) (c) Prosperity (material and spiritual) (v.12-13; Ps.35:27) (d) Perpetual vitality (v.14 cp. Gen.21:2-3).

Tonite, we shall rise to say AThank You Lord@ as we count the blessings that we have enjoyed (In the movement, in our families, in our personal lives). Let=s use our own words to thank Him; and sing praises to Him both in the spirit and in our understanding.

Let=s rise up to thank.      

                                                      HSCF (4 &13)

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