Text:              2Kgs. 2:8-16



Our serial on that God of Elijah begin today with the events that transpired immediately after the departure of Elijah and the anointing of Elisha.


The challenges that emanated were successfully tackled by faith in the God of his master (Mal. 3:6)


The message shall be coming under 2 points:-


  1. The parting of the river
  2. The pledging of allegiance by erstwhile detractors/colleagues



The River Jordan is a large flowing river arising at the fort hill of mount Hermon and empties into the dead sea.  It cannot be easily forded (cons. Jos. 3:15; Judg. 12:5-7) and so would require the dexterity of a good swimmer to cross unaided by a bridge or boat.


The opposition stood on the way of the prophet’s return to ministry and he invoked the God of his master (2Kgs. 2:14).


Application: River Jordan represents any obstacle that is standing as a challenge to your advancement/progress spiritually, physically materially, matrimonially, academically etc. (cons. Isa. 8:9-10; Ps. 18:29; 23:4-5).  As we call upon the Almighty God (of Elijah) from the depth of our hearts all such challenges will bow out of the way (Jas. 5:16).



As the prophet returned from the field of encounter, all the people that met him perceived the hand of God upon him and so pledged allegiance to his authority(2Kgs. 2:15).


In this period of the history of the Movement, the Lord is set to display His presence in the lives of faithful watchmen.


However, there is a place for praying to realize God’s promises (see Isa. 1:18; 41:21; Dan. 9:2-3; ).


As we pray tonight, the countenance of the Lord shall shine/come upon you, and the Holy Ghost shall go ahead of you to affect the hearts of your ignorant enemies and deal decisively with the diabolical ones (Ps. 4:6; 44:3-6; Pro. 16:7; Isa. 40:4; 45:2-3; 2Tim. 3:8-9).


That God of Elijah, is the Shepherd of Israel and the very God of the Watchman (Ps. 80:1,6-7,14-19).


Rise up to call upon Him.

HSCF:    251

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